Use High-Quality Basic Life Support Transportation Services

Hire our BLS ambulances in the East Providence, RI area

Coastline EMS can provide Basic Life Support Ambulance transportation, staffing our ambulances with qualified medical personnel. All of our ambulances are equipped with the newest equipment and technology including Stryker stretchers, AED's, and pulse oximetry.

Our EMT's receive additional training above their certification in order to work along side our ALS staff assisting with the necessary ALS level equipment and continuous in-service programs.

All our ambulances are equipped with real time GPS monitoring; a tracking system which allows the dispatchers to utilize the closest available units. The system also allows the dispatchers to monitor vehicle operations which exceeds state and industry standards.

How do we improve the transportation process?

Our BLS ambulances come standard with a suite of features designed to improve response times and efficiency. This includes:

  • Real-time GPS Tracking Systems
  • State of the art dispatch software
  • Computer aided dispatch shells sent straight from dispatch to crews to expedite the dispatch process.